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Vicki Lynn

Vicki Lynn

Vicki is the proud mother of two grown children, Hutch and Haley. Her four-legged family includes Lily and Lula, Chihuahua mixes, and Frankie and Virgil, the house cats. She lives in Houston, Texas and walks dogs professionally for WAG. Before diving into product development and starting "Asleep in the Boat" (AITB LLC), Vicki worked as a forensic accountant specializing in business valuations and litigation support for family law matters.

Karolyne Ashley

Karolyne is the the one that keeps us all on task. As the creative director and project manager of AITB she leads the design and production efforts that bring our products to life. With over 12 years as a fashion designer and owner of the Karolyne Ashley Group, she is both designer and consultant to our brand as well as her in-house collections.

Karolyne Ashley

Yuliana Bourdin

If you follow us on social media, you've encountered Yuliana's work with AITB. Creative and professional, they manage content creation as well our press oversight. Having seen a lot of the world starting at the age of 3, their personable, cultured and independent character shines through their life and work, which consists of freelancing for our brand and other creative pursuits.

Navarro Bowe

Every good band needs a drummer, and that's exactly what Navarro is to the team! He and his team are the tech behind AITB. Navarro brings over 12 years of software experience to the team, so that our E-commerce needs are always met and our customers are always happy.

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