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Our Signature AITB® Walker Vest

Put on the AITB Walker Vest and simplify walks with your favorite 4-legged friends. Forget the hassle of fumbling with leashes, phones, poop bags, treats, keys, and self-protection. Instead, relax and enjoy your time outside using the AITB® Walker Vest. Convenient and practical, the vest is equipped with everything you need to make your walks peaceful, pleasurable, and completely hands free.

Vests Include:

  • 2 Large Carabiners
  • 1 Small Carabiner
  • 1 Keychain

Key Features:

  • Patented, extra-sturdy belting system with stationary D-rings: Slide one or more leashes into a carabiner attached to a stabilized D-ring. Your dogs are secure and your hands are free to send a text, use an umbrella or flashlight, push a stroller, or pick up poop. Imagine the convenience at a restaurant. Your dog is restrained and you haven’t had to find a table leg or post to tie the leash to. Our belting system is made with extra-thick nylon reflective webbing that is strong enough for dogs that pull and also provides protection for night walkers. The belting system runs completely through the back of the vest and is secured at several points for maximum strength and stability.
  • Poop Slider D-Ring: Carrying a bag full of dog poop is nobody’s favorite thing - especially when you want to stop and talk to a friend. Leave those days behind and continue to be the best neighbor in town. The AITB Poop Slider D-Ring allows you to hang a full bag onto a carabiner attached to a sliding D-Ring on the AITB belting system. Simply slide the loaded bag toward the back of the Walker Vest - out of sight until an appropriate receptacle is available. Use AITB handle-tie poop bags, available at to scoop the poop, tie, then easily attach to the provided carabiner. Your hands and conscience will remain free. No more hassle or mess.
  • Safety First Reflective Elements: Our reflective belting at the waist, sleeping boatman on the front, and wave pattern on the back of the vest add bright, reflective light ensuring visibility on evening and early morning outings.
  • ID Card Pocket: Located top left on the AITB Walker Vest, the pocket is perfectly sized for your ID or credit card.
  • Fisherman Loops: Located top right on the AITB Walker Vest, the loops offer quick accessibility to keys or self-protection devices. The small AITB carabiners are the perfect size for attaching your keys or other small essentials to the Fisherman Loops.
  • Full-Sized Front Pockets: Front pockets sized perfectly for your cell phone, dog treats, poop bags and other desired items.
  • Deep Back Pockets: Pockets perfectly sized for water bottles, go cups, umbrellas, flashlights or other useful items.

Safety Advice:

  • Know your dog, Know your strength!
  • Watch out for: Stairways - Slippery Surfaces - High Traffic Areas - Other Animals - Wraps & Tangles.
  • Things to remember:
    1. You can always hold the leash with your hand, even when attached to The Walker Vest.
    2. you can always un-clip the leash and control your dog manually in a high-stress situation.
  • Note: The AITB Signature Walker Vest is designed for hands free convenience when desired by the user. AITB LLC is not responsible for accidents that might occur while using the AITB Signature Walker Vest and any of it's appendages.

Care Instructions:

  • Spot clean as needed.
  • For deep cleaning: Remove carabiners, machine wash cold, and hang to dry.

Our Patents:

  • US Patent No. D924543
  • US Patent No. D925168.

Let's all have more freedom!

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