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Chapter 1: Solving My Problem

With the AITB® Walker Vest, I solved a problem of mine. For years, I’ve been a two-dog family. Taking the following factors into consideration, I identified a need.

  1. When I’m my best self, I am committed to walking my dogs rather than just letting them out for a potty break.
  2. When I’m my best self, I am committed to cleaning up after my dogs.
  3. When I’m my best self, I am committed to starting my day listening to a reading from the Bible.
  4. Without fail, I am committed to locking my door and gate behind us as we head out for our walks.
  5. Without fail, I am committed to a cup of coffee first thing in the morning!

I found that I was doing a lot of juggling on my dog walks. In addition to handling two dogs on leashes, I was carrying my phone, my house key, dog treats for our neighbor dog, Rocky, poop bags, and a coffee cup filled with hot coffee. On various occasions, I would lose control of either the dogs, the coffee, the key, or the poop. But, I loved being out early before the day got hectic and having coffee while we walked and while I listened. I just needed the whole process to be easier to manage. I needed my hands free.

Houston is hot and during most months, jackets are not required. My typical athletic-casual attire does not offer an abundance of pockets. I decided a vest would be perfect; something I could throw on any time of day over whatever I happened to be wearing, and simplify the walks. I also realized that my difficulty on the walks was not just not having a place to put the items I like to carry, but also that I needed to use my hands to lock and unlock the door and gate, to use the phone, to pick up poop, to give Rocky his treats, and to grab the newspaper or the mail. One hand always held on to the leashed dogs and was unavailable for use. I needed a place to attach the dogs.

Chapter 2: A Proven Concept

In addition to functional pockets purposed for holding ID, phone, treats, poop bags, and water bottles, the AITB® Walker Vest is designed with a sturdy, built-in belting system used in conjunction with D-rings and carabiners, to provide a place to secure your animal(s) when you need your hands for something else. I developed a single prototype 4 years ago for my personal use. I was so happy with the prototype; I thought others would enjoy the convenience that the AITB® Walker Vest offers.

There are advantages to having convenient places to stow supplies and to secure your dogs. I often walk with friends (and dogs) to nearby restaurants for a meal. My credit card, cash and ID are conveniently stashed in the upper chest pocket on the Walker Vest. When we get settled at an outdoor table at the restaurant of choice, I simply attach the leashes to the anchored carabiner at my waist, rather than tying my dogs to a chair or table leg. Other hands free advantages include:

  1. Inclement weather? Attach your umbrella – hang it on a carabiner or stow it in one of the back pockets.
  2. Bad neighborhood? Attach your pepper spray on the easy-to-reach front loops.
  3. Dark? Stow your flashlight in one of the back pockets.
  4. Thirsty? The back pockets are the perfect size for a water bottle or small coffee thermos.

One of my favorite features on the AITB® Walker Vest is the “Poop Slider D-Ring.” I hate having to carry a full poop bag until I can find a trash can, especially if I happen to stop and talk to friends and neighbors. The AITB® handled poop bags, in conjunction with the Poop Slider D-Ring, make it possible to hang the loaded bag on a carabiner and slide it around toward the back of your vest until you can properly dispose of the waste. This feature is especially helpful when a trash receptacle is hard to find or when you run into neighbors and end up in conversations. The poop isn’t front and center.

Chapter 3: More Than Meets The Eye

After using my Walker Vest for years, I’ve gotten spoiled. I realize that I prefer the freedom and convenience of having my hands free even when the dogs aren’t with me. I use the Walker Vest for far more than just dog walks. I wear the vest when I’m traveling and don’t want to carry a purse. I wear the vest when I’m hiking and want to stow various supplies and accessories. I wear the vest on walks with friends to restaurants – again so that I don’t have to carry a purse.

The fabric is water-repellant, lightweight and durable. I wear the vest multiple times between washings. Dirt and pet hair brush right off and since I wear the vest over a base layer, daily washing is not necessary. The AITB® Walker Vest is sleek and tailored, designed for easy access to supplies with no unnecessary bulk. The vest is functional and fashionable. Try it for a few days. You’ll love having your hands free!

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